Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For Non Muslims : The Ahmed Deedat Collection

Sheikh Ahmed Hoosen Deedat was Born on the 01 July 1918 in the Surat district of India in 1918. His father emigrated to South Africa in 1927 with him. After reading a book called Izharul Haq – The Truth revealed, a book about a debate with Christian Missionaries in the then British India, Sheikh Deedat was spurred on in the direction of Dawah – Islamic Missionary Activity to halt the tide of the then Christian onslaught against Islam. Over the next four decades, he immersed himself into a host of activities. Conducting Bible classes, lectures and debates the world over. He established the first Islamic Seminary in Southern Africa to train propagators at Assalaam educational Institute - Braemar. He is the founder of the largest Islamic Dawah Organization in the world, the Islamic Propagation Center International and became its president. He delivered thousands of lectures all over the world, crossing all the continents and successfully engaging some of the biggest names in Christian evangelists in public debates. Sheikh Deedat’s debates and lectures are available all over the world in the various languages in Video and DVD format. His career in the field of Comparative Religion took him across all five continents and dialogue with the heads of the Protestant world in America. May Almighty Allah bless his soul, accept his efforts for the cause of da’wah and grant gracious patience to his loved ones during this trying time.

* Al-Quran - The Miracle of Miracles
* Arabs And Israel Conflict Or Conciliation
* Can You Stomach The Best Of Rushdie
* Christ In Islam
* Crucifixion Or Cruci-fiction
* Is The Bible Gods Word
* Muhammad The Greatest
* Muhummed The Natural Successor To Christ
* Resurrection Or Resuscitation
* The God That Never Was
* Was Jesus Crucified
* What Is His Name
* What The Bible Says About Muhammad
* What Was The Sign Of Jonah
* Who Moved The Stone

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