Monday, March 23, 2009

Hajj Guides in Many Languages

Alhumdulliah, we have been able to compile a one page Hajj and Umra guide. This guide fits on one page so it is possible to fold and fit in a wallet or purse and take to the Hajj. Alhumdulliah the content is accurate as it had gone a thorough revision in Saudi Arabia and they had it approved. Because it is so concise, each person who has seen the guide has praised it because it makes the details of the Hajj less confusing. Only here will Muslims find each step clearly broken down for them without having to flip through various pages of different books. Lightweight and foldable, this one-page, thorough guide to Hajj holds the promise of making your Hajj experience easy, accessible, and acceptable, Inshallah.

This guide provides all the basics and much more information to assist you:

* Step-by-step details of each ritual.
* A map of the Kaaba to help you locate Safa and Marwa
* A visual representation of the steps for Tawaf
* Key duas that should be recited including the appropriate times and places
* The miles and kilometers of the necessary routes
* Icons for user-friendly quick references
* The schedules you need to know.

This unique guide serves non-Arabic speakers of English, French, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, and Urdu, and it provides transliterations for Arabic.

Arabic Hajj Guide
* Introduction to the Hajj guides in Arabic
* Hajj Guide in Arabic

English Hajj Guide
* Introduction to the Hajj Guide in English
* Hajj Guide in English

Farsi Hajj Guide
* Introduction to the Hajj Guide in Farsi
* Hajj Guide in Farsi

French Hajj Guide
* Téléchargements Le Pèlerinage à la Mecque

German Hajj Guide
* Hadsch Anleitung ein beidseitiges

Indonesian Hajj Guide
* Pedoman Berhaji Dalam Bahasa Indonesia

Italian Hajj Guide
* Scarica gratis
* Guida per l'Hajj (il Pellegrinaggio)
* Guida del Pellegrino di Yacoub Roty

Portuguese Hajj Guide
* Imprima o guia para peregrinação (Hajj)

Spanish Hajj Guide
* Descargar en español el hajj (peregrinaje)

Turkish Hajj Guide
* Hac rehberini

Urdu Hajj Guide
* Urdu Hajj Guide Instructions
* Urdu Hajj Guide

Source : Islamic Bulletin

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