Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cartoon Movie : Muhammad The Last Prophet

Muhammad The Last Prophet Cartoon DVD Muhammad the last prophet is an animated production of the early days of Islam. This cartoon film aims to introduce Islam and the last and final Prophet Muhhamad (PBUH) to children and adults alike. There is a choice of screen language of English and Arabic. Subtitles are similarly available in arabic and english. The prophet is not personified in any way or form.
Muhammad the last prophet cartoon is the story of Islam and is a must see for all faiths. This DVD would make a great gift. The DVD also comes with an audio CD which has nasheeds or Islamic songs praising the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and sung by the likes of Yusuf ISlam, Aashiq Al Rasul, Hamza Robertson, Dawud wharnsby Ali, Mesut Kurtis, NAtive Deen, Zain Bhikha and others. A joint production between richcrest animation and badr international.

File: Avi/Divx (cartoon)
Size: 564mb
Production: Badr Intern.

Download here (right click save as)
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The Last Prophet is Muhammad.
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