Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Islamic Movie : 21st Century Crusaders

This explosive new documentary investigates the current crusade being fought against Muslims in Iraq and Palestine. With a running time of 1hr 34m (approx) the film begins with exposing America’s ‘War on Terror’ as a front for its Crusade against Islam. In this section we are introduced to ex-Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg, Shaykh Ali Timimi (awaiting trial in U.S.) and Babar Ahmad (in UK prison).

In a highly emotive manner, the plight of Palestinians is looked at next. The oppressiveness of their lives is depicted for the viewer to witness and take heed. Consequently there will be none who view this and not be stirred by emotion.

The last third of the film is dedicated to the latest chapter in the Crusaders war: Iraq. The section looks at America and its dealing with Iraq and its citizens. It contains recent war footage from Iraq and uncovers the truth behind US casualties.

Download here (right click save as)

Part 1 [40 MB] | Part 2 [39 MB] | Part 3 [41 MB] | Part 4 [36 MB]
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