Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Islamic Movie : Malcolm X : The Prince of Islam

This is the life story of a very controversial Muslim Afro-American leader Malcolm X who represented the anger and the struggle of Black Africans in 1960’s. Orphaned at a very early age, Malcolm and his seven siblings lived in abject poverty. Their mother was put in a mental institution and Malcolm and his brothers and sisters were separated and put in foster homes.
Malcolm was a very bright, intelligent student who always did well in his school. During eighth grade, he told his teacher that he wanted to become a lawyer. His teacher told him bluntly that such respectable professions were not possible for Negroes. He was greatly disillusioned and realized how his skin colour made him inferior in the land of white people.
He dropped out of school and entered a life of crime, gambling and drugs. He committed every possible sin and describes those years as living in a jungle where one is either the hunted or the hunter. After a burglary, he was sent to prison where he became a follower of Nation of Islam and its leader Elijah Muhammad. During his prison life he also discovered books and that changed him forever. He discovered the terrible atrocities committed by the white man in Africa, China and the sub-continent under the banner of Christianity but was in reality for the wealth that these lands possessed.
After being released from prison, he became a minister for Nation of Islam and for 12 years he preached against white people. He was in great demand as a speaker in elite universities both in America and abroad. His life took another turn when he performed Hajj. He realized that Nation of Islam was not the true Islam and broke away from it. He was consequently, assassinated at the age of 40.

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