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Movie : Sang Murobbi (The Mentor)

This film tells of missionary journey Ustadz Rahmat Abdullah. Starting from a positive perception of young Ustadz Rahmat about the teaching profession, which is rekfleksi ideals while still in primary school. Every time someone asked, what he wanted, he would answer with a firm: to become a teacher!

The perception that later became elan vital energy that drives all life Ustadz Rahmat, when he was studying at boarding school Syafiiyah Ash under the care of KH Abdullah Syafii. Great talent and a brilliant mind, making Ustadz Rahmat admired by everyone, especially her teacher, KH Abdullah Shafii, which makes young Ustad Rahmat as his favorite pupil.

Ustadz young Grace began her career as a pioneering teacher of selulus Ash Syafiiyah. In addition to the alma mater, he also taught at the Islamic primary schools in the area of Kuningan, South Jakarta. Chosen career then mempertemukannya with both teachers, Abdu Said Ustadz Bakir who runs House of Islamic Education (RPI). Through high ustadz pergururan graduates in Egypt, the Ustadz Rahmat read the books by the Muslim Brotherhood cleric, one of which is the book Da'watuna (Hasan al-Bana) who then became Da'wah We terjemahankan Yesterday and Today (Library Amanah).

This situation, making the potential talent Ustadz Rahmat Abdullah skyrocketed with the many references that he consumption readings, ranging from classical Arabic books that are hard to find, until the books of literature and culture. He is also known as dai complete, because not only mastering the Islamic sciences that "standard" but also contemporary issues.

Portrait plenary Ustadz Rahmat kedaian seen when he nurture the youth in her neighborhood in the Kuningan area. Ustadz Rahmat using an approach that is still very rare among missionaries, namely with the establishment of a theater group. The youths were fosterage in an organization called Youth Raudhatul Falah (initials) who turn Raudhatul Falah mosque in Kuningan with Islamic activities.

The performance theater group Ustadz Rahmat built young man received a good reception from the community. One of them is the play called Yarmuk War. In this staging, Ustadz Rahmat and initials youths have to deal with officials who tried to break up the play.

As a result of the performance, Ustadz Rahmat subject to report. But, to this day, Ustadz Rahmat never want to serve the oppressive rule of freedom.

"I will never come to your office," said Ustadz Rahmat to Suryo, a duty officer menyatroninya. "If my mother calls, I just want to come."

The principle of steadfastness and firmness in his manner that makes ngeper Suryo. Until years later determination and toughness was still well maintained, although late to be involved in Wasilah (means) mission called party. He is still known as the teacher of the Koran, inspiration of youth-minded progressive and far ahead. Invitation to daurah one another daurah fixed disambanginya. Nothing had changed, including the characteristics inherited from both parents are noble: simplicity.

Ustadz Rahmat was at the highest levels of the party, and also elected as representatives in the House centers. However, he was often caught the bus stop the city to go to an invitation. He was often seen on foot for a considerable distance. Nothing had changed, because he was well aware that it had begun steps used to start on the road preaching.

Until finally, on a busy day and heavy, Ustadz Rahmat merasakah health signs disturbed. However, a sense of great responsibility to the mission mandate, making it not really care about that sign.

He is still involved in an important Syuro. Then, when adzan reverb and he went to meet the sacred call, he walked to the ablutions. When her ablutions, the signs were even stronger, twisted veins in the neck. He tried to improve wudhunya, but the pain merejam-rejam head made giddy.

Witnessed by Ustadz Mahfudzi, one of his students, Ustadz Rahmat almost fell. Ustadz Mahfudzi supporting fast, then try to save the situation. But God is more dear to Ustadz Rahmat Abdullah. Innalillahi wa ... innailaihi raaji'uun Tarbiyah Syaikhut it left us with a very genuine smile ... the tears raining from all over the place accompanied his homecoming.

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